Branding Identity

What does a brand mean to its customers? To its people? Our branding team take everything into account in devising the answers, so brands can maximise who they are, where they've come from and what they stand for; ensuring it echos with the people that matter.


Be it data analysis based on customer response rates to implement campaigns, stock image needs, brand research, Luxy has the means to deliver





Strategic Planning

Are you looking to commissions one of our world renowned photographers? Have us brand your company and produce a stills campaign, all options are available through Luxy.

Our Clients’ brands share a common objective. Their success is defined by their ability to speak directly and individually with their customers to create an action. This may be an online purchase, a phone call, a social interaction – or simply a proven level of engagement.

For most consumers today, there is no real distinction between digital and non-digital, mobile, the web and social; it’s an integral part of their world. And that’s why we’ve made it an integral part of ours.

We have some of the best brand strategists in the UK in one place, working with Clients on a rich array of challenges. Vast knowledge and thinking forms part of our strategy and planning arsenal, incorporating a variety of ways of going about solving strategic questions, rather than rigidly adhering to a single, inflexible dogma and process.