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Felixstowe Docks


Felixstowe docks were looking for an evolution of an existing brand advertising strategy that had been running for over 5 years.

The primary objective was to attract the attention of the existing customer base to the range of compelling but not widely recognised propositions that this alternative ferry service offers to the ‘traditional’ option of Dover-Calais. Getting you closer to your end destination and saving value time and cost in doing so.

There was no real creative approach to date.

The new creative approach and strategy had to work across a spectrum of media and comms channels, including TV, press, outdoor, radio, online and DM/EM activity.


We identified the small market of clients closed off to being offered a wider range of services from their already existing solution. A consistent look and feel across all media was needed, There were no coherent or consistent rules being applied. Concise guidelines were needed, along with an entire set of media needed to bring these solution to bear.

We took a step back and reviewed all the selling propositions the brand has to offer: inherent route advantages, specific products and logistics, specialist interest appeal, along with vastly bigger and more sophisticated solutions.

By looking at the audience the solution and scope of the project was evident.

We realised the our solution would be married nicely with what they had to offer.

Not a solution for just anyone but specifically the client base that used the unique location and services the docks had to offer.



British Airways


Gatwick short haul - Press, Poster, Digital OOH, Online, Radio and Social 

BA wanted a slice of the short distance market that EasyJet seems to ‘own’. They wanted to compete on price (who doesn’t nowadays) but still be classy. It’s still the difference between them and the group of cheap, basic airlines. 


So they targeted the ‘Traveller', not the tourist. Tourists fly with EasyJet, travellers with BA. At a very competitive price too. 

So we devised a campaign that showed the many experiences you can have abroad, with the pay off that is all about BA. There are many ways to but there’s only one way to fly. 

And we wanted visual stand out too so getting the type to interact with the picture in some way was a great way to achieve this, especially with the Trans Visions.

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Ernst and Young


Create an entire new archive of imagery for EY. The rebrand and creation of a new look and feel for the accounting giant. Work extended to every corner of the EY brand, all department and outlets subsidiaries contained under the umbrella of the EY organisation



The Solution.

Arranging the venue to portray the various offerings China White had for its wealthy customer base.

Along with appropriate marketing material that displayed across BTL, B2B Marketing.

The Client

Chinawhite, An international luxury nightlife brand, has long been considered the centre of the exclusive club scene.

Since opening its doors Chinawhite has maintained its reputation for offering a unique experience to its cohort of members, friends and celebrity clients. for nearly two decades the venue has been delighting guests with its stylish and exotic interiors, superior service and regular performances from the world’s most famous dj’s and artists.

The brand wanted to reinvigorate the clientele it attracted, making them aware of the new VIP offerings and its brand partnership with leading drinks companies