About Luxy Images

We provide powerful still and moving images for ad campaigns, websites and creative projects, working with art directors and designers from across the UK and beyond. 

We know what it means to find that image that’s just right. The one that makes your heartbeat that little bit faster, the one that can’t be forgotten, the one that drives action and sparks conversation. 

We have access to hundreds of stock image libraries and award-winning photographers from around the world. We’re here to find and create exceptional images that make memorable campaigns. Our images bring stories to life, capture emotions and connect people. 

Not only that: we’ve got some of the best rates in the industry and can turn any brief around fast.

Where we’ve come from

We’re a small, dedicated team, set up in 2017 but with experience that spans decades. We’re experts in producing, commissioning, researching and selling photography and have worked extensively in stock and assignment.

We have in-depth industry knowledge and are constantly aware of new trends and visual fashions. If it’s happening in photography and visual creativity, we’ll know about it. 

We were founded to offer something stock image libraries, independent photographers and freelance researchers couldn’t: an all-in, all-round picture finding and creation service. We are cheaper and faster than the alternatives, making finding exactly the right picture straightforward.

Where we are

We’re in London. If you are too, want to join us for a coffee, lunch or a beer?

Not in London? No problem. We’re happy to come to you to discuss your project, wherever you are in the UK.

Picture research

We know that picture research can be dull, time-consuming and expensive. We’re here to change that. You don’t need to sign up for and search through hundreds of stock image libraries yourself. We’ll do it for you – cheaper and faster than you could do it yourself. 

Original photography

If we can’t find the perfect image, we’ll create it. Our photographers are dedicated professionals who have won awards and are leaders in their field. They’re real creatives, able to take a complex brief and fulfil your vision. No-fuss – just amazing photography. If you are a photographer, find out about working with us